The International Machine Tool Biennial Exhibition is back stronger than ever, an event we could not miss. From the 13th to the 17th of June we will unveil the latest technological innovations from our represented brands at stand D-03 in Hall 2.

These include the Citizen L20B5-XII sliding headstock lathe and the ANX-42SYY fixed headstock lathe. But there will be room for many more models from Citizen, Miyano, Brother and Fuji on our more than 400 m2.






One of the stars of the show. The Citizen L20B5-XII lathe includes a host of improvements, such as its ability to interpolate 5 axes simultaneously, the extension of the "B" axis rotation angle to 110º, an increase in thermal stability that guarantees continuous machining with stable precision, an increase in the number of turning tools and a new 15" HMI touch-screen human-machine control interface.




The fifth generation of the classic M series of sliding headstock lathes will be on display for the first time. Its main technological innovations are a B-axis with more powerful driven tools allowing simultaneous machining of up to 5 axes for complex geometries, Citizen's unique patented LFV technology capable of controlling chip breaking, an increase in the power of both spindles to 7.5Kw and a new HMI interface, which simplifies operation.




The Citizen L32 lathe is one of Cincom's best-selling machines. This time, it has been reinvented to meet the most current and demanding requirements of the industry. The versatility of the L32 allows us to configure the machine according to our needs: the VIII version has 7 axes with an excellent quality-price ratio, while the XII version, in addition to the 7 axes, includes a Y2 axis on the sub-spindle and a B axis that allows the machining of complex geometries.




The new sliding and fixed headstock lathe impresses with its high drive power as well as its versatility for complex workpieces. It is particularly suitable for fast and productive machining. Its innovative control follows the latest standards and is easy to operate. Equipped with two vertical combs and a B-axis (type VIII), the D25 sliding headstock lathe guarantees fast machining times combined with the highest level of productivity. The large number of tools on the main and counter spindle keeps production costs low while offering a wide range of machining possibilities.




The Citizen A20-VII lathe, acclaimed for its excellent price/performance ratio, is equipped with 5 axes and can work in both mobile and stationary mode, allowing both long workpieces and shorter parts to be machined with minimal scrap. Switching from mobile to stationary mode is easy and straightforward.




This machine, capable of accelerating from 0 to 15,000 rpm, has been fitted with a Y2 axis on the sub-spindle, which provides increased functionality in rear post machining. With a maximum capacity of up to 38 tools, it can carry out all types of machining on small diameter parts with a high production capacity. It is undoubtedly one of the most demanded machines in sectors such as the medical-dental sector.







Undoubtedly, another of the most awaited machines of this edition. The ANX-42SYY opens a new era in turning. In fact, it is the first Miyano model to be equipped exclusively with LFV technology. It is worth mentioning its integrated linear guides and motors, which make it possible to reduce non-productive machining times to a minimum. Its two turrets, both with Y-axis and independent motorised stations, allow all kinds of complex machining operations to be carried out. In addition, its 15" HMI interface increases user-friendliness by incorporating a Citizen-developed multi-axis control unit.




Praised in the market for its high rigidity and thermal stability, the new version of the Miyano BNE-65MYYY lathe is equipped with a Y-axis on both the lower and upper turret. Thanks to the X3 axis on the sub-spindle, it allows machining using three cutting tools simultaneously. It has also been equipped with the new HMI interface, whose 15" touch screen makes it easy to operate and its new multi-axis control unit improves productivity.




The Miyano GN saves floor space thanks to its compact design of 1.04 m2. It also makes it possible to shorten production lines and maximise the use of factory space. The incorporation of a high-speed gantry loader with a loading time of 3.5 seconds and a wide variety of input and output devices allows stand-alone automation or integration with other processes.






Speedio W1000d1

Speedio W1000Xd1 is a model equipped with the new CNC-D00 control with 15" LCD display, which was awarded the prestigious IF Design Award in 2021.

Speedio X1000Xd1 revolutionises the machining sector in the BBT30 model segment. It is a fast and compact machine, designed for any type of operation and equipped with a high-speed control. It allows longer travels and a larger working area, facilitating the machining of a wide variety of workpieces.

Speedio W1000Xd1 demonstrates its high productivity thanks to the optimisation of weights and inertias associated with its innovative CNC-D00 control. In addition, it is a 100% environmentally friendly machine thanks to its energy-saving hybrid motors.



Speedio R650X2

The Brother R650X2 machining centre expands the horizons of the Speedio range by equipping it with a high-speed QT (Quick Table) double pallet system. This high-productivity model allows greater clamping solutions for machining parts to be placed in each work area thanks to the QT system. In addition, an extended tool magazine version of 40 tools is now available.



Speedio M300X3

Brother's most productive and competitive technologies are merged for the first time in a single machine where milling and turning processes are performed in the same production unit, the Brother Speedio M300X3. This machine improves the efficiency of mass production processes, reducing floor space and direct labour.







The latest version of Fuji's popular CS series of double-head front printers, the CSD300II enables high production output in unattended mode thanks to its fast automatic gantry loading system. The machine's structural design has been redesigned to improve thermal stability, and the machine's rigidity has been increased by incorporating larger bearing supports on the spindles. Its new HMI interface facilitates the programming of the machine, as well as the control of the infeed and outfeed gantry.



Which of these models would you like to see most at BIEMH? If you are going to attend the benchmark international machine-tool and advanced manufacturing trade show, drop by our booth, D-03 (Hall 2) and ask our sales team for a live demonstration. We look forward to seeing you there!

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